The wheels on the bus writing activities

Place a pile of spider rings in the center of a table. When you talk with your baby, you teach him new words while showing him the rhythms and patterns of language. Have children Ppress a fly swatter in paint, gently lift out, and slap against the paper to make prints.

Play the "Watermelon Game. Use the stapler to cover the cardboard with red construction paper. Or print two sets and use for a memory game. Our printable backpack activity helps younger kids — preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten practice important information such as writing their Name, Address and Phone Number.

Listen for the wind blowing, the rain hitting the roof, a clock ticking, the sound a ball makes as it bounces, and the squeak of a swing.

Three little flies buzzing through the trees, One bumped the bark and bloodied his knees. Overall, this game should help the students to closely experience what it is like to cross the street and get on and off the bus properly.

Humming their busy little honey bee song.

Transportaion -- Prechool & Kindergarten

I'm absolutely loving the Indian Summer weather we've been having here in Michigan, so it's time to go rake a few leaves out of my flower beds, before the rain that's brewing changes my plans. Have them paint and decorate with wiggly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae and legs.

Speedy Spider Song Tune: Oh how it scared me so. There are many bus stops in different locations around the city where people can get on or off the bus. There is also a color-by-number version of this printable available. Talk to your baby about her scribbles. Offer older babies paper and crayons.

This option provides another way to sequence and retell "The Spooky Wheels on the Bus" story. A big spider sped right by me- Went racing 'cross the floor. Pretend to put money in cash box on bus The baby on the bus says, "Wah, wah, wah.

I use the numbered strip because my Y5s are learning number recognition, plus how to count and sequence. Play a listening game. Registration is no longer needed. The game is setup so that they know how to sit on the bus after crossing the street. Oh, oh ,oh wait and see. Multiply by 8, addition facts for 8, number recognition and even a set of blank birds and nests for you to print out and make your own fact sets for.

Preschool Transportation Crafts, Activities, Lessons, Games, and Printables

Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah!. Wheels on the Bus Page 3 of 7 Copyright ESL KidStuff All rights reserved round movements with their arms as you say "The wheels on the bus go round and round". • Now draw wipers onto the picture and teach "wipers" and "swish" and get everyone to do the swishing action with their arms.

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The Wheels on The Bus Class Writing I LOVE The Wheels on the Bus!! I usually try to incorporate this book into my literacy activities fairly early in the school year.

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School Bus Craft | Make this fun Cut out another small rectangle for the back window and glue it on to the back of the bus. Cut 4 circles for wheels from black paper. Also from black paper cut a rectangle to be your radiator at the front of the bus.

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Finish off by drawing the door, headlights, number plates and writing school along each. · Sing songs that have occupations and familiar activities children will know and recognize. Choices might include “The Wheels on the Bus” or “Old MacDonald.” Choices might include “The Wheels on the Bus” or “Old MacDonald.”.

Read the book The Wheels on the Bus by Paul O. Zelinsky or Wheels on the Bus (Raffi Songs to Read) by Raffi book to the children.

Look at the cover of the book and read the title together. Look at the cover of the book and read the title together. This Wheels on the Bus Lesson Plan is suitable for Pre-K - 2nd Grade. Take a trip all around the town! Kids go round and round with a fun set of lessons based on "The Wheels on the Bus." After singing the song together, little learners figure out the hand gestures, reenact the .

The wheels on the bus writing activities
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