The spanish sudden surge of strength led to the discovery of america

European medieval knowledge about Asia beyond the reach of the Byzantine Empire was sourced in partial reports, often obscured by legends, [11] dating back from the time of the conquests of Alexander the Great and his successors.

Age of Discovery

The coast was regularly raided by Barbary pirates backed by Spain's enemy, the Ottoman Empireand the Moriscos were suspected of aiding them. In Bartolomeu Dias reached the Indian Ocean by this route. In JulySt. Although they had firearms, these seem not to have been a major factor, since they made little use of them and relied chiefly on swords, pikes, and crossbows.

He was a sailor from an early age, acquiring a great deal of maritime experience. Human intelligence was not limited to operations in the Philippines. When the king learned this, he changed the name of the cape to Cape of Good Hope Dias had called it the Cape of Storms.

This hope which was actually false impelled King Charles I of Spain Emperor Charles V to finance an expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan, a native Portuguese now in Spanish service, who had proposed to reach the Spice Islands by sailing westward, thus avoiding any conflict with Portugal.

Jews particularly had surprising freedoms and protections compared to other areas of Europe and were allowed to hold high public offices such as the counselor, treasurer or secretary for the crown.

During the Middle Ages, in Castile, little to no attention was paid to heresy by the Catholic ruling class, or by the population. The regions with the highest concentration of Moriscos were those close to the common naval crossings between Spain and Africa.

He had to run the colony in a businesslike manner and find a way to turn a profit.

Spanish Discovery and Colonization

After succeeding among the Wichitas, Padilla died at the hands of unidentified Indians from farther east. He had recruited men and collected 2, horses, 4, cattle, and 6, sheep and goats.

In time, the Jesuits entered the missionary field, with important results that are discussed elsewhere in this book.


In the following years, efforts were made to found missions among the Jumano Indians at the junction of the Conchos and Rio Grande near the site of present-day Presidio. In July news spread that the Portuguese had reached the "true indies", as a letter was dispatched by the Portuguese king to the Spanish Catholic Monarchs one day after the celebrated return of the fleet.

Ferdinand II of Aragon pressured Pope Sixtus IV to agree to an Inquisition controlled by the monarchy by threatening to withdraw military support at a time when the Turks were a threat to Rome.

Less successful was a simultaneous effort to expand the mission system along the San Gabriel River, called San Xavier by the Spanish, to the northeast of San Antonio.

Therefore, much was known about Asia long before the opening of the modern age of discoveries. On the return trip to Pueblo country, Coronado again crossed the Panhandle at its extreme northwest corner. Europe has produced a civilisation which is being imitated by the whole world, whilst the converse has never happened.

Forced conversion of minorities was against the law, and so was the belief in the existence of witchcraft, oracles or similar superstitions.

Early world maps and Chronology of European exploration of Asia Rise of European trade Between the 12th and 15th centuries the European economy was transformed by the interconnecting of river and sea trade routes, causing Europe to become one of the world's most prosperous trading networks.

An American Epic, Cadillac's duties were obvious. Early in their career as explorers, the Portuguese encountered Spanish rivalry. In Cuba, for example, in a twenty-year period the number of natives is estimated to have shrunk from fifty thousand to fourteen thousand; in parts of Mexico, all were wiped out.

The silk and spice tradeinvolving spicesincenseherbsdrugs and opiummade these Mediterranean city-states phenomenally rich. His record as a humanitarian is marred by his willingness to condone the enslavement of black Africans in order to spare the Indians.

Archeological and linguistic data has enabled scholars to discover some of the migrations within the Americas.

Spanish Inquisition

He named the island Hispaniola and decided to found a colony there. Artifacts show the people traded with other Native Americans located from Georgia to the Great Lakes region. Soon the Atlantic islands of Madeira and the Azores were reached. Portuguese ships sailed west into the Atlantic to get favourable winds for the journey to India, and this is where Cabral was headed on his journey, in a corridor the treaty was negotiated to protect.

With the help of an excellent Muslim pilot whom he picked up on the way, he reached Calicut on the west coast of India in Mayhaving left Lisbon the preceding July.

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The Moslems were, and had long been, engaged in active trade throughout the East. But the journeys, reported by Ma Huana Muslim voyager and translator, were halted abruptly after the emperor's death [16] and were not followed up, as the Chinese Ming Dynasty retreated in the haijina policy of isolationismhaving limited maritime trade.

The Spanish attempted to run the blockade on July 3, but the entire fleet of six ships was destroyed.

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During the negotiations, two events spurred the United States to declare war. The names of physiographical features such as Llano Estacado, Guadalupe Mountains, and Padre Island serve as reminders of Spanish explorers and conquistadors who crossed portions of Texas well before the English settled the Atlantic Coast of North America.

Since one of the penalties that the inquisition could enforce on the convicts was the confiscation of their property, which became Crown property, it has been stated that the creation of the Inquisition was a way to finance the crown. At its greatest extent, the Hopewell exchange system ran from the Southeastern United States into the southeastern Canadian shores of Lake Ontario.

The Morisco Revolt in Granada in — was harshly suppressed, and the Inquisition intensified its attention on the Moriscos. Louisiana (/ l u ˌ iː z i ˈ æ n ə / (listen), / ˌ l uː z i-/ (listen)) is a state in the Deep South region of the southeastern United is the 31st most extensive and the 25th most populous of the 50 United janettravellmd.comana is bordered by Arkansas to the north, Mississippi to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Texas to the west.

A large part of its eastern boundary. Mar 31,  · The Spanish/Mexocans used to own the southwest region of the present-day United States and present-day Mexico. The Americans, however, dreamed of having the United States stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean (the United States used to be only the states in the ease).

Similar hopes inspired Spanish exploitation of the discovery by Christopher Columbus of the Caribbean outposts of the American continent in The Treaties of Tordesillas and Saragossa in and defined the limits of westward Spanish exploration and the eastern ventures of Portugal.

Cabeza de Vaca's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America (Zia Book) by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca was the first European to cross the North American continent. This remarkable book is his odyssey, first written in as Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America by J.H.

Elliott. The Age of Discovery, or the Age of Exploration (approximately from the beginning of the 15th century until the end of the 18th century) is an informal and loosely defined term for the period in European history in which extensive overseas exploration emerged as a powerful factor in European culture and was the beginning of globalization.

When the Spaniards went westward, they discovered the New World, or America. This discovery consequently led to increased European expansion in the west. Therefore, the key significance of Spain's sudden surge of strength is the discovery of the New World and well as increased European expansions of countries out west.

The spanish sudden surge of strength led to the discovery of america
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