The first missionary journey of paul

This allows for the possibility that Paul traveled to about as many diverse places as in all of his previous journeys combined. Paul takes Silas through Syria and Cilicia now southeastern Turkey.

The Apostle Paul perceives Elymas' intentions and responds immediately.


Again, some sneered and some believed. Paul and Barnabas quickly tried to explain that they were merely men sent to teach, but it didn't go over very well with a number of the people.

They preached in the synagogue there and traveled the whole island, apparently without seeing much fruit, until they arrived at the city of Paphos in the southwest. Some Bible scholars see a fourth missionary journey as well, and early Christian history does seem to attest to the idea. He tells Titus to come to Nicopolis where Paul has determined to winter Titus 3: He perceives, after the man hears his message, that he has enough faith for God to heal him.

On three separate missionary journeys—each several years in length—Paul preached the news of Jesus in many coastal cities and trade route towns. Paul goes in and preaches the news to the Jews. Aquila and Priscilla stay there where they would later meet Apollos Acts Note that there were 2 cities named Antioch - Antioch Of Syriatheir starting point, and one in Turkey that they visited.

Paul moves to the very next major town out of reach of the previous magistrate. Those who rejected his message of salvation through Jesus Christ tried to stop and harm him. His preaching convinces many Jews and Greeks to become believers. Paul appeals to Caesar Acts Then it was on to Iconium, where they abode a "long time" Acts They they came to town and Paul healed a lame man.

Their rejection of Jesus as the Messiah means that he and Barnabas will now primarily preach only to Gentiles Acts Accompanying the governor to the meeting is a sorcerer and false prophet known as Elymas the magician.

He disputed daily in the school of Tyrannus for 2 years Acts Sigh, not so helpful that. On his way to Damascus to find and imprison more Christians, Paul met the Lord.

Paul’s First Missionary Journey lesson

Between his first and second missionary journeys, he participated in a conference in Jerusalem discussing the way of salvation. It was written after the council in Jerusalem Acts The two evangelists tear their clothes in amazement.

Paul was bitten by a poisonous snake but lived. He repented, turning in faith to Jesus Christ. This cycle repeats over and over again. We know that Paul had further journeys after he was released from the prison in Rome in 63 AD. The second journey begins, possibly in the spring of 51 AD.

PaulBarnabasand John Mark walked to Seleucia on the coast, then sailed southwest to Salamis on the island of Cyprus, where Barnabas was from. Because of his bold testimony of Jesus, Saul the persecutor became Paul the persecuted. Or it could have been written from Antioch between Paul's second and third journeys in the winter of AD Acts Jesus Christ tells Paul that he will go to bear him witness in Rome.

The dispersed Christians brought the gospel with them, and when the leaders in Jerusalem learned how quickly the church was growing, they sent Barnabas to Antioch to verify what was happening. 3rd Missionary Journey (Acts ): During Paul’s third journey, he fervently preached in Asia Minor.

God confirmed his message with miracles. God confirmed his message with miracles. Acts tells of Paul at Troas preaching an exceptionally long sermon. Apr 27,  · This Bible History Daily feature was originally published in It has been updated.—Ed. Paul’s first missionary journey took him from Cyprus into the heart of Anatolia.

Map of Paul's third mission journey. Paul's 3rd missionary journey took place between 54 AD and 58 AD, more than years. Paul's first missionary journey ( A.D.) was the shortest, in time and distance, of the first three, but it was nevertheless a very significant development in the history of the new Christian church.

It established Paul as a leader in the spreading of The Word of God. While in Paphos, the island's Roman governor requests the two evangelists meet with him so that he can personally hear the word of God.

Map of Paul's first mission journey

Accompanying the governor to the meeting is a sorcerer and false prophet known as Elymas the magician. Maps of Paul's missionary journeys and other travels. This website, like many, uses web analytics cookies to collect non-identifiable .

The first missionary journey of paul
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Paul's First Missionary Journey lesson