Space is the final frontier

The technology that we were accustomed to seeing on shows like "Star Trek" is no longer science fiction, but is now a reality.

Space. The Final Frontier.

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Incredible Images Captured From Space

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An "Apple" a day To perform their biological experiments on the ISS, Space Tango has developed modules called CubeLabs, which are automated lab systems allowing multiple experiments to run independently while orbiting earth.

Some other key findings from the report include nearly half 47 percent of Americans rank NASA as the most trusted institution out of media, organized religion, government organizations and nonprofits.

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Fifty years ago Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise began their journey into space — the final frontier. Now, as the newest Star Trek film hits cinemas, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope is also exploring new frontiers, observing distant galaxies in the galaxy cluster Abell S as part of the Frontier Fields programme.

Space pictures: photos from the final frontier This picture of Earth, taken on March 7,was reported by astronaut Don Pettit to be the one millionth shot from the International Space Station. Oct 30,  · Deep Space: The Final Frontier -or- How I learned to become a Warrior Monk Posted on October 30, by Melissa Lopez • 4 Comments I’ve been thinking lots about what it means to be my biggest self and why I sometimes choose to play it small.

Embark on Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary in celebratory style with the Star Trek Space, The Final Frontier T-Shirt.

The soft % cotton t-shirt commemorates the first airing of the iconic show on September 8th with the words that would live on for years to come. Nov 30,  · In a new report, “Investment Implications of the Final Frontier," Morgan Stanley Research examines these fast-moving developments and paints a coming picture of opportunities in space.

Space is the final frontier
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NASA - The Final Frontier