Colgate palmolive the precision toothbrush

Its in-store displays, combining toothbrushes with toothpaste packs and locating the Colgate-Palmolive line of toothbrushes in the middle of the stores shelves have contributed to this dominance.

Launch as a niche product because there remains a large segment of consumers who only demand the basics in oral hygiene. With an energetic and visionary leader like Reuben Mark at the helm of Colgate-Palmolive, the company has transformed itself into a lean and profitable machine, leading to increased profit margins and volume growth.

In and Colgate-Palmolive CP been a dominant force in the Oral Care industry, mainly in the toothbrush segment. Therapeutic brushers are interested in functionally effective products and differentiate between brands. Begin slowly - underline the details and sketch out the business case study description map.

In order for Precision to be a successful product in the toothbrush market the following two objectives must be met: The Precision Toothbrush I. The values inherent to Precision should be an effective tool for improved oral care. After all of the painstaking research, in-depth analysis, evaluations, and endless financial and production planning, one statement rings true throughout its a toothbrush.

To reach a conclusion, the new toothbrush must be analyzed on three product levels - the core product, the actual product, and the augmented product - so that customers needs are fully understood and the Precision toothbrush is correctly marketed to meet those needs.

Recommendation Create a comprehensive product that appeals to all consumers with minimal advertising and marketing costs.

Colgate-Palmolive will be able to leverage its existing relationship with its manufacturing partner, Anchor toothbrush, to quickly and cost-effectively product its newest product. A marketing mix must first be created to ensure full-potential market penetration.

Should Precision be positioned as a niche product or mainstream product. Hence, pricing Precision so that it will have an extensive life cycle, as established above, is yet another critical step towards ensuring its survival. Niche MarketingAdvantagesAdvertising companies have access to audience profiles through a wide variety of media products, such as television, radio and print media.

The Precision Toothbrush In our live classes we often come across business managers who pinpoint one problem in the case and build a case study analysis and solution around that singular point. Marketing to a more diverse audience would enable Colgate-Palmolive to construct a more simple and direct campaign that would address the common concerns of all toothbrush buyers.

CP had to market Colgate Precision as per existing market strategies that include proposed strategies involving product, price, place, and promotion. Consequently, the use of television and radio would be more cost effective as it would reach this larger audience.

Often readers scan through the business case study without having a clear map in mind. This is particularly relevant as the population ages, and Colgate becomes more of the total lifespan oral care preference Sydney Morning News, However, we believe this product would also work in the mainstream market and we envision it moving towards the mass market in the future.

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You should make a list of factors that have significant impact on the organization and factors that drive growth in the industry. For example you can recommend a low cost strategy but the company core competency is design differentiation.

Colgate can position Precision as a niche product. Further, we anticipate no significantly negative issues will be encountered by initially marketing Precision as a niche product and then moving it into the mainstream market.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each market strategy alternative. The Precision Toothbrush Once you finished the case analysis, time line of the events and other critical details. These bright streaks should also be the palate upon which the name Precision should be set to serve as a constant reminder of the brand name.

It also provides starting ideas as fundamentals often provide insight into some of the aspects that may not be covered in the business case study itself. The middle ground between the two extremes are customers who are uninvolved and simply use the product to prevent oral problems.

In order for Precision to be a successful product in the toothbrush market the following two objectives must be met: The anticipated cyclical nature of the product on the market is well illustrated by the Boston Consulting Groups Growth-Share matrix.

This would also preserve the number of SKU that Colgate-Palmolive currently produces in the toothbrush sector. The super premium niche is growing. This is due to them competing in the same market segment; consumers would most likely purchase the Precision if it was in the same price range as the Colgate Plus.

Similar to Colgate-Palmolive’s lack of professional endorsement, the Precision toothbrush does not have the fullest endorsement from the American Dental Associations (ADA). Colgate Palmolive's toothpaste and toothbrush business is a mature market in most countries, with limited growth prospects.

The company is positioned at the high end of the market with its flagship Colgate lines, and this positioning is supported by extensive marketing campaigns aimed at. The Precision Toothbrush xls file, Colgate-Palmolive Co.: The Precision Toothbrush excel file, Subjects Covered New product marketing Product positioning Profitability analysis by John A.

Quelch, Nathalie Laidler Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 2. Colgate-Palmolive (CP) was preparing to launch the Precision toothbrush early in CP developed the Precision toothbrush with three different brush lengths and orientations to increase plaque removal and access to gums and teeth.

Before proceeding with. The recommendation is for Colgate Palmolive launch the Precision into the “super-premium” niche market. CP can lower price of the toothbrush once the sales of the Precision plateau or decline, which will allow for premium toothbrush.

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Colgate palmolive the precision toothbrush
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