An analysis of the war as the main theme in platoon by dale a dye

Check out the wires so Dafoe can set off the squibs - which ended up malfunctioning. Dye made sure the details were correct. He also confesses that he's disillusioned with America's mission in Southeast Asia, that he used to believe it was winnable even a few years ago, but knows now that it's not.

Big Harold Forest Whitaker has his leg blown off by a trip-wired booby trap while trying to escape the artillery barrage.

Elias and the dopers represent the doves. Plus we get the bonus of Dale Dye in a fiery take on ass-covering brass. By the way, I have seen the deleted scenes and the movie could have been much more bludgeoning. As they fly from the area, Chris takes a long look at Barnes' hardened face.

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Spielberg wanted an almost exact replica of the Omaha Beach landscape for the movie, including sand and a bluff similar to the one where German forces were stationed and a near match was found in Ireland. The film was shot in sequence and this began immediately after the boot camp for the actors.

Young Americans sometimes committed atrocities due to stress or revenge. Harris a dyed Dale Dye promises to get to the bottom of it.

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Those who survived the war have an obligation to teach. Upon arrival in Da Nang, South Vietnam, he sees dead soldiers in body bags being loaded into his plane, but more distressing to him is the shell-shocked state of a departing soldier with the "thousand-yard stare. In addition, one of the most notable of the operational flaws is the depiction of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich as the adversary during the fictional Battle of Ramelle.

Dye made sure the details were correct. The characters in his screenplay are supposedly based on several of his mates in the several platoons he was in. The war must go on and the unit is sent into an enemy complex.

Elias plays tunnel rat so you know that although he is a hippie, he is not a pacifist. During one patrol on New Years Day, January 1,the platoon finds what appears to be an abandoned bunker.

Lieutenant Wolfe, passive during the shooting of the wife, eventually ends the fight, and relays orders from his own superior officer to burn the village.

Significantly, Taylor goes to the brink, but pulls back. The movie flows smoothly. Each sergeant has half of the platoon as his acolytes. It did poorly at the box office and some blame this on Americans not being ready for this type of film.

Taylor returns to find that the platoon is divided between the dopers led by Elias and the boozers led by Barnes. He explains that "without the protective coating, the light goes in and starts bouncing around, which makes it slightly more diffused and a bit softer without being out of focus.

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Stone does not dilute the battle noises with mood setting background music. Saving Private Ryan doesn't so much reproduce the war as it reproduces what we, as the modern audience, have come to expect from a representation of it.

From seeing documentaries and newsreels that depict World War II, "home audiences [have] gained an idea of what combat looked like and expected war movies to look the same.". “Platoon” has several set pieces that are among the best of any Vietnam War movie.

Major kudos for reenacting night combat so viscerally. Although night actions were fairly common in Vietnam, you seldom see them in movies.

The combat scenes do an excellent job not lumping all the characters together. They remain individuals. All of them went through Dale Dye’s boot camp and their performances reflect immersion over the usual emoting. Although Stone oversold his film as the realistic take on the war, it is clear that the movie’s platoon is not typical of a but the mission is the centerpiece and is strong.

The theme of war’s corrupting influence and the. Platoon is a American war film written and directed by Oliver Stone one of the most strongest realistic anti war films of all time. It is one of the best Vietnam war films I have ever seen that won the Academy Award for Best Picture of and best Director for Oliver Stone, as well as Best Sound Mixing and Best Film Editing.

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Dale Dye is one of the most recognized and respected players in the movie and TV industry. His work has had huge effect both behind and before the cameras, particularly in projects with a military theme.

He has been credited with single-handedly changing the way Hollywood makes war movies. The platoon reaches the village, where a food and weapons cache is discovered.

The other soldiers explore the village. In one house, Taylor discovers a mute and mentally disabled boy and his mother hiding in a hole beneath the floor.

An analysis of the war as the main theme in platoon by dale a dye
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